MAR AZUL Resort, Estepona


Thanks to our new coastal motorway:-

Malaga Airport offers a variety of shops, bars and restaurants with a children's area and internet access.

There is a train that runs from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola, but no further.  From Fuengirola you would need to jump on a bus towards Estepona (the bus station is not far from the train station),  but a change would be necessary at Marbella.  All this combines to create quite a long journey.

A better option is a taxi, which would cost in the region of 80 Euros.  There are normally plenty waiting at the airport, but check the price with the driver first.  

But the best option may be to hire a car, and it is preferable to order it before you travel.  Remember that by the time you have paid for two taxi journeys (the first to Estepona, and the second back ! ) then you've probably gone a long way to paying the cost of a hire car for a week, even if it is sat in the garage for most of that time.

One other thing to remember if you hire a car....will it be big enough for all of you AND all of your cases for the airport runs ?   And if you have young children you'll need to order child seats.

Although a hire-car is not a necessity, I would recommend that you have one if possible.  I'm thinking mainly of shopping, because although the biggest supermarket in the Estepona area is just 5 minutes drive away from MAR AZUL, I honestly would not like to carry all my shopping back !  On the other hand, you could order a taxi for your shopping trips, which would only cost about 4 Euros each way.  There are normally taxies waiting outside the nearby Kempinski Hotel, and quite often at or near the supermarket too.

Airlines servicing Malaga can be found below.

Air Berlin

Air France


BMI Baby




Monarch Airlines



Thomas Cook Airlines



I have my own recommendations for airport pick-up (either mini-bus or taxi) or car-hire, which I pass on to my guests.

In general, car rental in Spain is just about the cheapest in Europe due to a high number of competitors and Costa del Sol car hire is as easy as it gets. Many companies are available at Malaga Airport. See below for a list of links to car rental companies to get an idea of prices:-

Avis Car Hire

Centauro Car Hire

Europcar Car Hire

Hertz Car Hire


As I mentioned earlier, there is no train-line directly to Estepona, you can only get as far as Fuengirola. From Fuengirola train-station it is only a short walk to the bus-station, for a bus to Marbella.  Then change on to another bus to Estepona.

Riding the trains is a fantastic way to take pleasure in the local scenery while heading from place to place and being friendly to the environment. Spain's best carrier nationwide is Renfe. Their trains do not run internally along the Costa del Sol, but you can get a train from Malaga to such places as Granada, Cordoba, Seville and Cadiz for great day trips.


FERRIES (Malaga, Gibraltar & Algeciras)

Malaga ferries run to Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the north coast of Africa by eastern Morocco. With Gibraltar ferries and Algeciras ferries you can get to Tangier in less than 2 hours and often to Ceuta. Click here to visit FRS’s website for current schedules and fares.

You probably wouldn't think of catching a ferry to Gibraltar, because you'd probably drive in or park at La Linea and walk in.  But you could drive to Algeciras, park your car, and jump on a ferry to Gib.  I'm told it makes a good day out !