MAR AZUL Resort, Estepona

The Costa del Sol weather is exactly what you would expect from the meaning of it's name "Sunny Coast"......sun, sun and more sun. It is one of the best, most reliable and healthiest climates in the world with more than 300 days of sunshine per year.
In the "winter" months the climate is temperate with average daytime temperatures of about 16ºC. There can be some rainy days during this period but when tends to vary from year to year and it seldom lasts more than a few days. It is a perfect climate during these months for outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, bowling & walking.
At the height of the summer in July and August the daytime temperatures reach 30ºC and there is no rain - perhaps there may be one or two summer storms but nothing that will last too long. Nice to know that very nearly every day will be a sun-bathing day !
2019-05-22 25°C
2019-05-23 27°C
2019-05-24 29°C
2019-05-25 30°C
2019-05-26 29°C


For more information on the weather in Costa del Sol, please visit this interesting web-site.